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1 Mar 2018

Another Win For Screeding Division at Peach Place.

We have recently been awarded the Screed Package at Peach Place in Wokingham. This work has been awarded to us by Dawnus . Peach Place is part of the Wokingham Town Centre redevelopment project. The £12.7M redevelopment will involve the design and construction of a new mixed-use building, which will include shops, restaurants, residential units and new public toilets. A new Pedestrianised area is also due to be created under the plan, which is now in its second phase and expected to complete by October 2018.


Bernie Pich, Head of Regeneration at Wokingham Borough Council, said: “It’s been really interesting visiting the site at different times since work started in January this year. A huge amount of work went into getting the buildings ready to demolish, including disconnecting the services, stripping out the insides of the buildings and carefully removing any traces of asbestos.


“After the single lane of Peach Street closed at the end of February, things really started to ramp up with scaffolding and netting going up to protect the high street from dust and debris in mid-March. We then started major demolition on March 22. A month later the site is virtually cleared giving people an idea of how big the area is and what a great location for a new pedestrianised square it will be. We’ve also added vision panels to the hoardings at the end of Bush Walk so people can come along and have a closer look at what’s happening on site as we begin to move forward with building the new square.


“The new Peach Place is going to be a fantastic destination for the town centre. There’s space for people to relax whilst out shopping in one of the new boutique stores, or for them to grab some lunch whilst sitting outside one of the new restaurants. It’s also going to be an ideal venue for local events, markets and entertainment, for which Wokingham is so well known.”



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