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2 Oct 2015

Avonline top of the class in the education sector

As the summer draws to a close we have taken time to reflect on what has been another busy summer period for Avonline in the Education Sector.

The second phase of the government’s flagship Priority School Building Programme has seen a sharp increase in the demand for a variety of floor finishes on a national scale. Our team has worked closely with main contractors to ensure that these projects were delivered not only to an exceptional standard, but also within the strict time constraints demanded by the education sector for both re-development and new build. In 2015 Avonline have executed Screed, Resin, Soft Flooring, Sprung Timber, Ceramic and Hygienic Walling packages to 29 Schools across England and Wales prior to the start of the new academic year.


Bristol free school 1


Building on the successes of last year, we have again enjoyed excellent results in the Student Accommodation Sector in 2015. As the demand for higher education continues to increase, student accommodation has become a burning issue for universities across the UK. In 2015 alone we have successfully delivered nearly £2m of contract flooring to this sector. Working in partnership with both main contractors and PBSA providers alike to identify solutions tailored to their requirements. Our performance continues to attract positive attention from our client base and repeat business is forming a large part of our portfolio moving towards the end of the year.